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Dr. Ryan Wiley

Dr. Ryan Wiley
Business | Strategy Consulting for Healthcare and Life Science Leaders
162 Cumberland Street, Suite 310, Toronto ON M5R 3N5

Tel. (416) 236-1054 x 7642
Email:  rwiley@shifthealth.com

Dr. Ryan Wiley is President of Shift Health. As head of one of Canada’s most respected strategy firms dedicated to serving the healthcare and life sciences sector, Ryan works with companies, governments, academic institutions, not-for-profit organizations and healthcare providers around the world to advance ideas and innovations with the potential to improve human health and wellbeing.

Over nearly fourteen years at Shift Health, Ryan has become a leader in convergent thinking—harnessing potential and building effective teams at the nexus of public and private interests. He is a trusted advisor to multinational biopharmaceutical companies, helping to orient pipelines, prioritize R&D investments, and prepare markets for future access and adoption. He has worked with leading universities and academic health centres to cement groundbreaking research and innovation initiatives that have unlocked more than a billion dollars in public and private investment. He works closely with one of the world’s largest product development partnerships, helping decision-makers chart the pathway to developing and deploying the world’s first preventive HIV vaccine. And he works with policymakers in both the developed and developing world to strengthen the environment for innovation and support health system transformations that will improve population health.

Ryan is an Assistant Professor at McMaster University, Past Chair of Research Canada, Director of Amref Health Africa, Director of CanHealth International, Director of the Canadian International Health Education Association, and former Director of Women’s College Hospital Foundation. Ryan holds a PhD in immunology from McMaster University and has published in the areas of asthma/allergy, immunology, pharmacology and gene therapy.

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